Races of Manadus: Aasimar

I am going to go through the various playable races that exist in Manadus. Generally, I let players in my campaigns use whatever races they want. The game, after all, exists for their entertainment. If a race does not already have a place in my setting, I make one for it. This first race, the... Continue Reading →

Adventure Log: March 2016

I document every session played in the Manadus setting. Over the next few weeks, I'll be reposting these session reports. Session 1: 8th of Browning, 1300i/March 06 2016 A man named Jonah arrived at the Otoñesta Inn, located in the village of the same name, in the Kingdom of Kryza. He was a rambling fortune-seeker, and asked... Continue Reading →

Q&A, July 2017

Wellis of RPGnet asks: How difficult is it to learn most of these languages? That's a rules question. It depends on what edition you are playing! I should have been more clear about the beast-race languages (Baru, Bullywug, Gajan, Shar, Thri-Kreen, and Viashino). People who don't belong to the relevant race can learn to understand them,... Continue Reading →

Languages of Manadus

Manadus is a diverse world with many languages. The most widespread one is Aviokai, for it was the lingua franca of the Silver Empire. Throughout most of the Empire, Aviokai completely supplanted local languages. Such dead tongues now exist only in old place names or family names passed through generations. Aviokai is Manadus's equivalent of... Continue Reading →

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