Languages of Manadus

Manadus is a diverse world with many languages. The most widespread one is Aviokai, for it was the lingua franca of the Silver Empire. Throughout most of the Empire, Aviokai completely supplanted local languages. Such dead tongues now exist only in old place names or family names passed through generations. Aviokai is Manadus’s equivalent of what the Player’s Handbook calls “Common.”

A few human tribes live past the edge of the Silver Empire and were never subsumed by it. The barbarians of lush Kelegol, rugged Mittheim, frozen Rus, and blessed Kagawa all still speak their own languages. The proud Saradamai, being the oldest human culture in Manadus, have also clung to their ancestral tongue.

In addition, most non-human races each have their own language. Also the denizens of the Green World all speak Elvish, regardless of race.

Above all other languages is Supernal, the language of the gods. When a creature speaks in Supernal, all those around can understand what is said, regardless of whether they speak Supernal themselves. It is in Supernal that the sacred laws of ma’at are described, and thus it is the language of spellcasting. Supernal is such a complex language that no mortal can speak it intelligibly. The best a mortal can do is utter the few syllables necessary to cast a spell.

Player characters in Manadus can learn the following languages:

•Aviokai (Common)
•Bergan (the language of goblinoids)
•Giantish (also spoken by dwarves)
•Kelen (the language of the Kelegol woodsfolk)
•Mittheimer (the language of the northern barbarians)
•Saradamai (the language of the decadent magocracy of the far south)
•Russan (the language of the haunted tundra of Rus)
•Tagawan (the language of the secluded islands to the east)

Some languages can only be learned under special circumstances:

All spellcasters can speak some guttural, pidgin Supernal. Of the playable races, only devas can speak Supernal fluently.

Only thri-kreen can speak their native language of thri’in.

Each of the beast races has a language which only members can speak. This language can also be used to communicate with the animals that these races descended from.

•The Bullywug language is understood by frogs and toads.

•The Baru language is understood by bears.

•The Gajan language is understood by elephants.

•The Hydrus language is understood by snakes.

•The Shar language is understood by felines.

•The Viashino language is understood by dinosaurs.


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