Races of Manadus: Aasimar

I am going to go through the various playable races that exist in Manadus. Generally, I let players in my campaigns use whatever races they want. The game, after all, exists for their entertainment. If a race does not already have a place in my setting, I make one for it. This first race, the aasimar, is a good example of that. I detest aasimar as a concept. The reasons why deserve their own blog post, but take it as a given for now that I just do not like aasimar. However, I had a player who really wanted to make one. So here it is: my background for Manadusian aasimar that gives them a reason to exist without making them or their race actually important.

vallejo elf.jpgAngels are the sons of the great god Rakhmet, the Archon of Light. Their chief duty is to wage war against the devils who are the sons of his evil brother Keth, the Archon of Darkness. Due to a pact formed long ago between Rakhmet and Keth, angels are forbidden to trespass upon the mortal world without being called upon by a ritual preformed by mortals.

On the rare occasions when mortals complete such a ritual, the summoned angel can only remain upon Manadus for a short time. Typically it is expected to destroy an evil enemy, preform some miracle, or grant wisdom upon its summoners.

It is almost unheard of for an angel to sire children upon this brief visit to Manadus. Those scholars who are even aware of the possibility refer to the products of such dalliances as “aasimar.”

Aasimar rarely ever meet their sires. To copulate with a mortal is, for an angel, punishable by banishment to the Shadow Realm.

Aasimar are half angel and half human. Thanks to their strange powers, they know that they are different from other humans, but many remain ignorant of their true heritage. Often, only their own mothers know the truth, and they may be discounted as insane if they told anyone but their half-human children.

Because of their heritage, all Aasimar feel a psychological pull toward Law and religions that worship Rakhmet. However, they are as free-willed as any other mortals and may turn against the Law if they so choose.

Aasimar who know the identities of their fathers rarely share this information except with trusted friends. Since the angel that sired him or her is by definition a fallen one, the aasimar is equally likely to face public contempt as awe or respect.


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